Garage Services

At Top tyres, our experienced specialists offer excellent car repair services with our highly advanced equipment and tools. We’ll work closely with you to maintain your car repairs and maintenance system according to your vehicle’s requirements. Our expert team will quickly figure out any issues during your repairs and will fix it efficiently.


Making sure your car is safe to drive is an important part of being a responsible driver. If it’s time to book your car for its yearly MOT and servicing after three years of ownership, Top Tyres is the trustworthy solution! We provide dependable car MOT testing services at very reasonable rates. We can schedule a MOT test while your car is being maintained, and you can trust our skilled technicians to conduct MOT testing using the most up-to-date computerized technology. We’re glad to have a diverse range of automotive knowledge and skills, as well as a reputation for quality in Essex. All of our services are certified, and all of our work is backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Top Tyres has skilled experts to service all makes and models of your automobiles. We evaluate the automobile brakes, suspension, lights, and steering position during our car servicing check. All of these procedures are carried out to ensure that your vehicle is in good functioning order. Top tyres follow the manufacturer’s suggested service schedules and only use high-quality original parts and oil that meet the manufacturer’s specifications. You can be certain that when your car is returned to you, it performs well and sound. 

Engine Rebuild

 Your engine may suffer a lot of damage over time, and it’s sometimes preferable to have it rebuilt rather than fixed. Top Tyres offers a variety of all type of mechanical work and repairs in our garage. For a reasonable charge, our specialists and mechanics will rebuild your engine to be as good as (or better than) new. With almost all of our services carried out by our team of experienced technicians and mechanics in our specially designed and highly equipped garage. We provide highly competitive prices with the work required and price estimations that are widely depending on the condition of your engine, but our specialists and mechanics will try their best to do engine rebuilds at their professional standards. If you’re interested in learning more about our Engine Rebuild services, please contact a member of our team immediately.


If your car’s clutch slips, stutters when released, or you hear rattling or grinding while changing gears, the gear may need to be changed. At Top tyres, we provide all type of mechanical services for all makes and models of your vehicle with our high-quality workmanship. To keep your vehicle as near to its original specifications as possible, we also always follow the manufacturer’s servicing recommendations. we offer dependable repair and maintenance services to avoid any potential difficulties as soon as possible. Because the clutch is such an important component of the automobile’s gearbox, a faulty car clutch may cause serious damage to the vehicle if left unattended. Our professional and highly skilled team can assist you in conducting the tests you require in a timely and efficient manner.


After your car tyres, brakes are the most important parts of your vehicles which mainly contributes to your driving safety. It is essential that you maintain and examine your car brakes on a regular basis to ensure that they are in excellent working condition.

If you have any difficulties with your vehicle’s brakes, such as vibrations or undesired movement, or if you need brakes installed near you, The Top tyres is the place to choose! We have certified brake specialists who will inspect your brakes and recommend, whether you need to repair or replace them. We provide a large selection of high-quality brake components that fit all cars including brake pads, shoes, drums, calipers, and cables, all of which are manufactured to your vehicle’s original specifications.


Your vehicle’s suspension doesn’t only ensure your ride is a comfy one, it also helps to maintain the health of your vehicle. Good driving habits can extend the life of your suspension system, but sooner or later it may give way. When it does, you’ll need a car suspension repair service you can rely on.  Top tyres in Purfleet, Essex is the right place to visit to find the best solution to your car suspension issues. we are the number one provider of suspension repairs services. We can diagnose issues with your vehicle’s suspension and then work tirelessly to solve them. Where your suspension can’t be fixed, we are able to provide new, high quality suspension systems at a highly affordable price and comprehensively fit them too.


Your car’s exhaust system transports fumes away from the engine and out of the exhaust pipe safely. The entire system is made up of several components, meaning that it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint the exact cause of an exhaust issue.  At Top Tyres, we specialize in standard exhaust replacement and performance exhausts and emission system parts, available for all types of vehicles. If you are experiencing strange noises or smoke from your exhaust then choose the top tyres. Here our expert technicians will visually inspect your exhaust for signs of damage, corrosion or loose fittings as part of our exhaust replacement service. We offer a large range of quality exhaust and emission system parts to match your car’s original specification and all expertly fitted by our qualified exhaust technicians.


A car diagnostic test needs specialists & well-equipped technology & tools to run a test on the digital workings of the car. Top tyres offer a professional platform to run this test carefully & efficiently. If your car is giving a check engine signal, you must book an appointment at top tyres to have a diagnostics test for maintenance. Car diagnostic tools read the data reports created by specialized software inside the car. These data reports can help identify potentially dangerous issues with the oil tank, throttle, engine, and transmission. If you’re in Purfleet, Essex. Do visit us & contact us now, and have a professional diagnostic test run on your car. Our team at Top Tyres is always willing to help.